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We offer mobile ordering solutions for Farmers Markets, Food Co-ops and grocery stores. Our tools are free until you make your first sale. At that point, we take a 3.5% platform fee.

We love local ag.

Built by and for lovers of local agriculture – our goal is empowerment, not profit.

We handle order forms, scheduling, and deliveries and take care of transactions and accounting — all so you can focus on growing your Hub.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us using the chat button on the bottom-right of your screen.


Where did we come from?

We were born in Fort Collins, CO when farmers markets could no longer run due to the pandemic. With over $10,000 in revenue in the first two weeks, we realized that we needed to share the platform.

We handle order forms, scheduling, and deliveries and take care of transactions and accounting — all so you can focus on feeding your patrons.

Click the chat button in the bottom right corner to request a call or ask a question. We can't wait to hear from you!


Yours in food sovereignty,




How much can I expect to make as a Frestable Hub?

It depends on how many patrons you have and the bundles that you configure. You set your own prices for each bundle and can preview the profit you'll earn on each bundle. On average, a $100 bundle will result in around $20 of profit for the Hub.

What does it cost to start a Hub? Are there any fees?

There are no set-up costs. We take a small fee on patron & hub orders and the rest goes to the hubs and the vendors.

What tasks are required of a Hub?

Shopper orders are due every Friday at 2PM. You'll be given a list of farms to visit and a checklist to ensure that they provide the correct inventory (they'll have a list too). At your Hub, you and your team will organize inventory into orders for pickup and delivery that Sunday.

Will I have to coordinate with vendors?

We'll provide farmers & artisans a list of what to harvest every Friday at 2PM. You'll set a drop-off window & deadline for vendors to self-deliver orders. You can also set up a fee to gather inventory if vendors prefer pick-up.

How is delivery handled?

We automate delivery by allowing you to set a pick-up window for insured Postmates delivery drivers to perform a no-contact delivery.

Can I offer pick-up windows instead of delivery?


Will my Hub get its own website?

Yep! We'll make you a URL where shoppers can find information and create orders from. We suggest that you start your own Social Media accounts and provide marketing material to help you grow your Hub.

Does your platform support recurring payments & delivery?

At the moment, we require patrons to submit orders weekly. We're bringing recurring orders to the platform soon.

Do I need any materials to start a Hub?

The materials are simple: cardboard boxes and vegetable trays. Masks and gloves are suggested while handling food.

Do I need a special license from my city government?

In most towns, the answer is no. Because the food ingredients are not cooked, you won't need a commercial kitchen or any special license to be a Freshtable Hub. Freshtable and Hubs operate in a subcontractor legal relationship and will receive 1099s each quarter.